4 years

Hi dad,

How is it up there? Everything great isn't it? Life wasn't that bad for me either dad..
Marriage life was not easy but we will work really hard for it.
Baby’s doing great. Mom seems happy.

I still feel miss u so much lately..
Dunno why..

It’s been 4 years
I still remember running from my room every time u call me at midnite..
I still remember every breath... till the last one..
I still remember sleeping beside you for d whole nite before u go..

But the day had come..
I hate to see u in so much pain everyday
People said ur contract is over :)
I need to let u go

So many people come they say u’re wonderful, hard worker, religious, genius
I’m a proud daughter for sure

I smile when people said their sorry for my lost..
But I cry when it’s time to go to bed

I even remember I stop crying but i can't sleep till 3 in d morning for the whole month after u go..

I cry in my wedding day..
I remember u've promised u would cry too in my wedding day..
Did u cry seeing me from up there?

I’m so happy when I gave birth
Did u happy seeing me your little princess finally become a mom?

Remember u always said that how I was so spoiled and immature
Hey I've grown up now.. I’ve become well .. mmm not so called a perfect mom.
But I think I’m not bad…
My baby seems to love me pretty much!

Its 4 years dad….

Save me some ‘good’ spot there will you?
Love u dad d best dad ever in d world!

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