NSN Hiking Day 2011 - Taipei

-- 12 November 2011 --

Destination 1

(DongYan Mountain Recreation Park)

The Donyan Mountain Forest Recreation Park, situated between the borders of Fuxing Township
and the Taipei County, got its name because the shape of the mountain is like big eyes that look
into the east. The entire recreation park, occupying nearly 1,000 hectares, is the biggest forest
recreation area in Northern Taiwan.
Since it is about 1,000 meters above the sea level, fir trees have become the most important
species in the forest area. Birds, insects, and rare plants here make Dongyan Mountain a good
place for interaction between parents and children as well as a good place to conduct ecological
The best way to tour the Dongyan Mountain is to take to the garden-tour foot trail. The forestry
bureau gives away free tour guide folders. Follow the road signs, enjoy nature, and plunge yourself
in the fun of pythoncidere spa. The Dongyan Forest Road below the tourist center leads to a
fossil zone and to Taipei’s Manyueyuan Foot Trail. Taking in forest air at this famous mountain-
climbing road will make you happy and carefree.

Toddie boy goes "hiking" too :p

Destination 2

TaShee Blooming Oasis 

TaShee Blooming Oasis is located right next to “Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-Kuo Cultural
Park” and at 16 hectares is considered as the largest farm in north Taiwan.
The entire park is noted for its beautiful flowers, besides which there are also the uniquely
developed European herbal sachet, plantings, hand-made biscuits, lavender pillows, and DIY
activities. In addition, one can also enjoy fancy herbal cuisine, elegant afternoon tea, or BBQ at
the garden.

-- extremely tired but happy -- 

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