Late Talker or Receptive Language Disorders?

Ghiffari 23 months olds

  • can't say bye bye or wave his hand
  • hasn't able to point body part when asked 
  • or understand simple command 
  • and he has only very few words
  • sometimes ignore when people calling his name

Yes, he might be "just" a late talker but from the e-book "How to help your child learn to talk better in everyday activities"we have to take serious action as soon as possible.

Late talker has many causes and one of them is Receptive Language Disorders (Delay) which means he doesn't understand words were saying so its hard for him to be able to talk (expressive language).
Please google for more information.

I cannot say he didn't understand at all...
Some command might works such as

  • "Please feed mommy those crackers" or 
  • "gimme high five?" or 
  • "shake your dad's hand" 
but then most of commands are ignored

Few words are coming from him like "mama", "nenen", "mamam","papa","bahneh(barney)", hawo(halo) while picking up the phone, "apa", "siapa", "mana","ajah", "buah", "aduh" (and some other word that I keep in my log book). But does he really get it what the words means.
There are 17 words. Yes, I write them down...

Expressive language does work for some activities

  • When I feed him he say "aaaammmm" 
  • and everytime he drink he said "aaaahhhh" afterward
  • and he claps his hand after finishing puzzle game

I totally feel there's a huge gap between his other skill to be compared with his communication skill.

How about playing? 

  • he loves to play hide and seek, 
  • peek a boo, but he "only" laugh rather than saying booo... 
  • He loves playing with other kids in his age but he babble not talk!
  • He loves sliding in the playground

To overcome this gap, I have taken serious action (which is might be a bit late) :
  1. I turn off TV for almost 3 weeks now and I've seen he babbles more which I think is positive
  2. I teach him with fun like "gimme your hand let me pour you the shampoo" while he take a shower and he will open his hand to receive it..
  3. Hypnoparenting method every night
  4. I read books and literature for Receptive Language Disorder and how to stimulate it
  5. I googled for speech therapy both in Indonesia or here in Taiwan (we're still in the waiting list here in Taipei)
  6. We go to rehabilitation pediatric here in Taipei and now is on going to have an evaluation for any therapy needed
  7. and last but not least... I pray pray and pray so my son can be able to communicate and catch up his developmental communication gap. Important step isn't it?
One of the best quotes was "You are not the cause but you are the the biggest part of the solution"...
This words totally push me to stop whining and do something! 

Note: Please excuse me for my poor English

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