Turtle Island

Turtle Island is 10 kilometers above the sea leave and located at the coast of Toucheng in Yilan County. It is a volcanic island that sits alone in the sea and is shaped, as its name implies, like a floating turtle. The island features mountain peaks, sea-eroded caves, a lake, special cliff vegetation, and rich marine ecology resources; it is also a fine place for watching the sun rise and set, and it has become a hot tourist spot in recent years because of the large pods of whales and dolphins that frequently appear in the waters nearby.

One week before going home to Indonesia, my husband took a hiking trip with his colleagues to Turtle Island. Pretty impressed with those photos taken by him. It encourage me to ask few question to him about his journey this time.

  1. How long do you need to reach Turtle Island from Taipei?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. How many step you need to take to reach the top?
  4. What is the most impressive about the journey?
  5. How do you summarized the trip?
Answer :

  1. We took the train for around two hour to Toucheng Station and rent a tour ferry to the Island for around an hour. So it was a 3 hour trip from Taipei to Turtle Island. 
  2. The train ticket cost 400 NT (round way trip) and tour ferry was 1000 NT.
  3. 1706 step
  4. When you reach the top and see the view, it was magnificent. Even though it was so exhausting but to be able to reach the top and see those view. Speechless
  5. Recommended trip to people who loves hiking. The island was so well organized. It is not too expensive. You can rent along the ferry with your friends.
Please do enjoy the pictures!

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  1. huehehe... tambahan say, kalo mau ke sana, lebih baik ditemani sama orang local. soalnya rada2 susah englishnya... anyway, fotonya keren2 amat yah, upgrade lensa kayaknya bisa neh :p